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Chipper Recycle Craft: Plastic Bottle Cap Magnets

Americans represent 5% of the world’s population, but generate 30% of the world’s garbage. Now, more than ever, we need to do our part to reuse, reduce, recycle, reconsider and reimagine before we throw something away. Teaching our children to reduce waste is a crucial element to the future of our planet and species. Of the garbage Americans throw out, half could be recycled, which is enough to fill a football stadium from top to bottom everyday. Let’s work together to lower this number – we can start by being creative!


Recycling Resources for Plastic Bottle Caps

  • Check with your city. Some cities do accept plastic bottle caps, but they may require that you remove the cap from the bottle and put it in the bin separately. The only way to find out is to check with your city. Try Googling something like “[YourCity] Plastic Recycling.” Lots of cities now have websites where that information is easy to access.
  • Whole Foods. Some Whole Foods Markets and other grocery stores accept #5 plastic caps for recycling along with their plastic bag recycling. Next time you’re shopping, check their bins to see if yours does, too!
  • Earth911. A go-to resource for any recycling question. You can search the Earth911 database for “plastic caps” to find facilities near you that will accept them.
  • Caps Can Do. If you can’t find a local place to drop off your plastic caps for recycling, you can ship them to Caps Can Do, a company that specializes in recycling #5 plastic!

Recycling is great, but reusing is better when you consider how inefficient plastic recycling is. TThere are many fun ways to reuse plastic caps, no matter your skill level. The possibilities are endless when you go through your recycling and trash bins with a creative mindset! Recycle crafts in general help kids learn to come up with their own ideas, build their creative confidence and mobile skills, and envision new purposes for common objects.


For example, you can make some adorable magnets from recycled bottle caps or lids. Notorious for their longevity in the landfills (plastic takes over 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill!), plastic lids can be reimagined to make fun recycle crafts, gifts and decorations!

Plastic Bottle Cap Magnets

Plastic Bottle Cap Lid Recycle Craft | Refrigerator Magnets

Image from The Crafty Crow


  • Plastic lids and tops
  • Permanent markers
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  • Sticky magnet tape to put your creations on the fridge
  • Decorations: Multi-colored plastic (think of using the strip from around milk jugs or bread bag holders), construction paper, or felt…and any thing colorful you have around the house, like buttons, yarn, etc. Recycled magazines are perfect for cutting out letters and numbers to make into magnets.
    • Optional: googly eyes for cute looking faces
  • Cut wine corks if your lid is too deep to magnetize or just flip you lid and use the inside to decorate
    Making magnets

    Photo from Esprit Cabane


Simply draw your face or creature on the lid with a permanent marker then use the hot glue gun or craft glue to add flare! From googly eyes, to pipe cleaners, have fun making monster lids, lady bug friends, or keep it simple with various facial expressions:

plastic bottlecap magnets

Photo from Esprit Cabane

Plastic Lid bottle Cap Recycle Craft

Photo from Crafts by Amanda

There are many thing you can do with your recycled plastic bottle caps and lids! Extend the life of your hand soap with a home-made soap dish from EcoKaren:Plastic Bottle Cap Lid Recycle Craft

Make some cute stamps with your lids, styrofoam and some paint from The Long Thread:


Or save your bottle caps and lids by color and get crafty! Here are some example of some beautiful art pieces made with recycled plastic:


Image from Stark State

Bottle Cap Plastic Lid Recycle Art

Image from Art Grange

Bottle Cap Plastic Lid Recycle Art

Image from How We Montessori

Bottle cap mural

Image from Rolla City

What can you craft with your plastic lids and bottle caps? Share with Chipper!

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Chipper Recycle Craft: Super Bowl Football Game for Kids

Young kids can get bored quickly on the long Sunday Game Day. Keep your little ones happy and busy during Super Bowl with some fun activities like helping make some dip and making their own paper football field game! Paper football is an easy, fun game passed along the generations that will occupy your children all day.

Game Day Super Bowl games for Kids and Young Children

Take it a step farther with an arena for your paper football from a recycled cereal box, Fortified for FUN! 🙂 kix-paper-football-stadium-9

Or just make a goal without the field if you don’t have a cereal box on hand. You’ll need straws and tape. If your kiddos don’t want to take turns holding their goal, also have a small cardboard box (recycled crayon box or similar sized box works great) to make a goal stand.

Bend straws to create “u” shape of the field goal posts and tape into position. Use duct tape or colored tape to represent your team’s colors!

Create a stand for the goal post out of an empty crayon box covered in duct tape to prop up your goal.

That’s it for the simple goal post! Making a goal field take a bit more time but is a ton of fun and controls the area where your kiddos are flicking their paper football (scroll down for instructions on making your Paper Football). To make a field, you’ll need:

  • 1 empty cereal box
  • Construction paper
  • Toothpicks (or use Straws and instructions above, both work great!)
  • 1 white crayon
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape

Start by cutting off a side of your cereal box. If kid friendly scissors won’t work, have an adult use a sharper pair or crafting knife.


Make the sides more sturdy by covering them with duct tape.


Cut a sheet of green construction paper to fit inside the box. Draw yard lines using a white crayon and a ruler. Alternatively, have your child color a piece of recycled white paper, leaving gaps for the yard lines. This give you and opportunity to talk about recycling and how we can Reuse and Recycle to help keep our planet clean and beautiful!


Place the paper inside the box to make the field. Secure with tape or glue if necessary.


To make the goal posts, tape the corners of the toothpicks (or straws) into place and secure with tape.


Make a small hole in the bottom of the box for the goal posts to stick into. Secure with a piece of tape along the bottom if needed.


Once you have your field, you can make your paper football! Folding a paper football is also super simple. Take an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper and cut it in half lengthwise. You can use brown construction paper or color some recycled paper brown.

Then fold the paper lengthwise.

Take a corner and pull it over to the opposite edge creating a triangle.

Continue folding up and creating triangles for the length of the paper until you can’t make anymore.

Make the last triangle come the opposite direction.

Cut off some of the end to make it a bit smaller for tucking.

Tuck the end in to the open slot on the triangle of paper so you are “closing” the football.

Draw laces on your foot ball with a white crayon. And you’re done!

Hold the football and flick it to get it through the goal post. Move farther and farther away to make it harder.

Have fun seeing who can make the most goals! What other games does your family play on game day? Share with Chipper!

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