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A Memorial Day to Remember – 5 Fun Family Activities

A Memorial Day to Remember – 5 Fun Family Activities to celebrate our service members!

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The Rainbow Connection

IMG_8135“Mom, if we’re Irish how come I can’t see Leprechauns?” Hmmm, I had to ponder this question last year as I walked with my daughter from school on a rainy day. Our path was under dark clouds streaked with little cracks allowing just enough sunshine to peak through and make for a magical skyline.

2015-03-11 16.46.09I opted for the easy out: “Leprechauns are magical like fairies so you can feel their spirit around you but you can’t always see them.” It didn’t work. We’re at the tail end of “Do you believes” and the Leprechaun answer wasn’t buying me any time. She challenged me on how I can believe things I don’t see or have proof of.

How do we exercise the magical little spirit born from a clear conscience that fades at an age far to young for my liking? Make believe and “Let’s Pretend” games have lost out to apps that distort your voice or change your face into a circus character. We aren’t relying on our imagination when the device is directing us, and many parents feel pressured to push their kids to perform over free play.

I’m never one to give up and continued on about how there is much around us we cannot see but if we just take a moment and wonder, the feeling of hope and faith will win over our mindset and the need for intellectualizing the matter at hand. I explained to my daughter that we don’t always need an explanation when we feel a certain way. The ability to believe in ourselves is important; our thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude toward the world around us should be enough sometimes. We don’t always need proof.

It was a simple conversation but the base of it was “self doubt.” I knew my daughter was feeling doubt with herself so she was having doubt in everything else around her.

Last PhotoWe continued on and looked up at the sky marveling at how it can change in an instant. The clouds had parted even more which made a beaming of light lead straight to a large painted map on the blacktop. It sparked excitement in my daughter and just as she looked ahead ready to race to the playground she stopped. She grabbed my hand firmly. I looked at her concerned and she just pointed ahead without a comment.

Literally the beam of light lead right to a man crouched over the giant map painted on the blacktop. He wore a black old-fashioned suit with big black boots. He slowly stood up and turned slowly as if realizing he had been found. My daughter and I stared at the man – astonished – it was a Leprechaun! No kidding, the man wore a suit too short we could see his boots and ankles. He even had a rounded top hat and a full beard.

Let's Go Chipper_Irish Soda Bread RecipeWe approached slowly; my daughter never let go of my hand. The man stood silently as we neared. I felt the pull of my daughter so I walked away from the map and eased us toward the swings. He watched us and then gave me a wry smile and walked on across the blacktop to the grass.

My daughter and I stopped and turned, both of us silent. Then she looked at me with wonder.

“It’s what you believe, that matters.” … I gave her a smile and she released my hand from hers and bolted to the swings.

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Chipper Tips: Apple Snack Recipe and 3 Recycle Crafts

October is here! Autumn is underway and it’s time to enjoy one of the most popular fall fruits: Apples! One of the world’s healthiest foods, apples have numerous health benefits and are sweet enough to get kids to eat them without hesitation. Still have difficultly convincing your little one(s) to munch on this healthy snack? Try this tasty yet nutritious snack after school or even for dessert:

Peanut Butter Honey Apples

Apple snack Recipe for KidsA classic recipe with some oomph:

  1. Cut apples into bite sized wedges and remove seeds and core with knife or apple-corer.
  2. Then dip in peanut butter or spread peanut butter onto apples with knife. Whichever you prefer!
  3. Finish by drizzling on some honey with a spoon.
  4. Enjoy!

There are many variations to this yummy classic snack. Make it an apple sandwich by cutting your apple into flat round slices and put peanut butter and honey in-between two slices. Or add the three ingredients between two slices of bread to make it a real sandwich! Another idea is to add cinnamon to make it extra special this holiday season. Have other ideas? Share them with Chipper!

Apple snack Recipe for Kids

Apple snack Recipe for Kids

Learn more about which apples to use for what in Your Autumn Guide To Apples [Infographic]!

Apples | Varieties, Hwo to use, which ones to use for what, information, crafts

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Apple Craft

recycle apple craft for kids

This craft is awesome because it requires almost no supplies, and it’s safe to assume most of us have paper rolls around the house. Oh and it’s so cute! These could also be used for cute apple napkin rings, a useful craft perfect for the Holiday Season!

    1. Gather your materials. You will need a toilet paper roll, red and green paint, a sponge paint brush ( any brush or even fingers will work but sponges work best!), scissors and glue.recycle apple craft for kids
    2. Start by cutting your roll into rings, you can make think or thin.
    3. Cut 1 or 2 into strips ( these will be made into the leaves).recycle apple craft for kids
    4. Paint the rings red, inside and out. Let dry.
    5. Paint the strips green. Let dry.recycle apple craft for kids
    6. When the paint is dry cut the strips into leaf shapes.recycle apple craft for kids
    7. Bend the bottom.recycle apple craft for kids
    8. Add gluerecycle apple craft for kids
    9. Stick it on the red ring! Use as decorations, fun toys, or napkin holders!recycle apple craft for kids

Recycled Plastic Bottle Apple Craft

Recycle Craft Apple for Kids using Plastic bottle

Chipper loves to reduce, reuse and recycle! The bottoms of plastic drink bottles come together to form what looks remarkably like an apple shape. By varying the size of the bottle bottoms, you can make bigger or smaller kids apple crafts to use as boxes for all sorts of things.


  1. Cut off the bottoms of two drink bottles. (You will have to do this for the children, as it requires sharp scissors or a knife.)
  2. Have children fill one of the bottle bottoms with whatever they like – red colored treats, little notes, small toys, or anything else they can think of. They can also crumple up some red cloth, red napkins, red tissue paper or red-colored recycle paper inside the apple crafts for kids, which makes them a bit more decorative.
  3. Punch two holes in each bottle bottom. Now have your child close the “apple” by sliding the second bottle bottom on top of the first. He or she can add a stem and leaves made of colored cardboard, craft foam and/or felt for decoration.
  4. By threading ribbon through the holes and tying a bow, you can secure the lid onto each of the kids apple crafts.
  5. Finally, have your child add a note with the recipient’s name or a sweet message.

This “apple for the teacher” back to school craft for kids is perfect for children to present to their teachers during the first week of school – or any time, really. Apples are also one of the symbols of the Jewish New Year, so this also makes a great Rosh Hashana craft for any Jewish friends or teachers in your kids’ lives!

Recycled Paper Plate Apple Craft

Apple Plate

Re-imagine and old paper plate using torn red paper, tissue or napkins and gluing them on! Then just cut out a stem and a leaf and hang up on the fridge. This is a very simple and easy craft for your little one’s to try and they make cute, home-made decorations for Fall, the Holidays, or a classroom!

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Chipper Recycle Craft and Snack: Fourth of July Edition

Happy Almost Independence Day! Also known as July Fourth, this holiday celebrates the thirteen colonies’ legal separation from Great Britain  in 1776. The story is that on July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted to approve the Lee Resolution, a resolution to be independent from Great Britain. After Congress finished voting for independence, they turned their attention to the famous Declaration for Independence, which was essentially a document that explained why the Thirteen Colonies were separating from Great Britain. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration fror Independence was approved by Congress.

In the spirit of Independence Day, here’s a fun and simple craft to make with your little one! You only need a couple of things:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 11.58.20 AM

First, cut a rectangle out of construction paper that will fit the exterior of the toilet paper roll.


Using crayon, marker, or paint, decorate the rectangle with Fourth of July themed symbols, colors, and words!


Then, using tape or glue (Chipper used double-sided tape), cover the toilet paper with construction paper.


Next, cut a circle out of construction paper and make a slit like so. Form the circle into a cone and tape or glue shut.


Fit on top of paper towel roll and glue or tape in place.


And there you go–cute Fourth of July firecrackers to put on display in your child’s room or around the house.


For a fun and healthy Fourth of July themed snack, here are some fruit skewers that form the American flag:

http-__static.ow.ly_photos_normal_2rZEo copy

Make these blueberry, strawberry and banana skewers for Fourth of July and they’ll sure be a hit! Let’s Go Chipper for Fourth of July!

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Chipper Recycle Craft: Paper Plate Frog

This week, Chipper created this fun paper plate frog! Not only can this craft be made from materials lying around the house, this craft also incorporates a fun science lesson!


Here’s what you need: 

-kid-friendly scissors

-tape or glue (Chipper used double-sided tape!)

-three pieces of construction paper (one red, one green, one white)

-a green and black marker

-a paper plate

First, color the back of the paper plate green with a marker. (You can use a crayon, paint, or any other medium as well.)


Fold the paper plate in half. Draw and cut out four frog feet from green construction paper. Draw and cut out a tongue shape from red construction paper. Draw and cut out eyes from white paper. Attach to folded plate with tape or glue like so:


And voila! Here is a fun and cute paper plate frog.

Along with this craft, teach your child about frogs! Here are some fun frog facts:

-Frogs hibernate in the winter

-Instead of drinking water through their mouths, frogs absorb water through their skin!

-A group of frogs is called an “army”!

-Frogs can be found on every continent except for Antarctica

Also, you can do frog-jumps around the house/park/backyard to reiterate the importance of exercise to your little one! Here’s a fun video on various animal exercises:

Let’s Go Chipper for Frogs!

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Chipper Craft & Snack: Celery-printed flowers!

Happy Sunday! This week, Chipper snacked on and played with one of his favorite nutritious foods, celery! Normally, Chipper picks up some celery every week at the super market. Did you know that celery provides anti-inflammatory health benefits? Or that the crunchy vegetable contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids that help protect us from unwanted oxygen damage to our cells, organs, and blood vessels? It does!

This week, Chipper created flower prints from celery. It is an easy craft that can be created with materials that are lying around at home. All you need is: celery, a knife, paint, and a piece of paper! Here’s how:

First, take your bunch of celery and cut off the bottom.



Then, dip the bottom portion of the celery stalk in to paint and stamp away! Chipper used red paint.


The celery stalk ends up creating these fun, flower shaped objects.


Here’s Chipper‘s end product.


Chipper cut up the rest of the celery stalk and enjoyed it with some peanut butter.


According to an article by Harvard Health Publications, peanut butter has fiber, vitamins, and mineras, among other nutrients. Unsalted peanut butter contains a terrific potassium-to-sodium ratio, which “counters the harmful cardiovascular effects of sodium surplus….even salted peanut butter still has about twice as much potassium as sodium.” In addition, many research studies have concluded that people who “regularly include nuts or peanut butter in their diets are less likely to develop heart disease or type 2 diabetes than those who rarely eat nuts.”

With this craft and snack, teach your child the importance of being creative and snacking right all at the same time!

Let’s Go Chipper for creativity and healthy snacking!

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Chipper Craft: Celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day inching closer, now’s a great time to start thinking about good ol’ Mother Earth. Held annually on April 22, Earth Day is a world-wide support day for environmental protection. Earth Day began in 1969 when John McConnell, a peace activist, proposed a day to celebrate the environment and Earth’s beauty. The reason why Earth Day is on April 22 is because of the abundant amount of youth activism in the 1960s: April 22 is a likely day for college students to be available because it falls between Spring Break and Final Exams. Interesting, right?

In celebration of the upcoming Earth Day, Chipper made an Earth Day craft this week! Not only is this craft simple, it will teach your little one about the importance of loving our planet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.41.03 AM

Firstly, draw a circle on blue construction paper and cut it out. This will be the water of planet Earth.


Secondly, cut out arbitrary land-like shapes out of green construction paper and glue (or tape) them onto the blue circle. Your planet Earth is starting to take shape!


Then, place your hands into a heart like shape like so. Trace your hands and cut them out.


It will end up looking like this:


Using glue or tape, adhere your hands onto your already-made Earth. Voila! This craft symbolizes the importance of using your hands in activity to love on the environment around us.

photo_1 (1)

Optional: Using red marker, draw a heart in the middle like so. This could further solidify the link between using hands to actively take care of Mother Earth.


Let’s Go Chipper for Earth Day!

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